Cake flavour options






Signature chocolate cake- a moist yet extremely light, dark chocolate sponge, fillings include a choice of vanilla buttercream, vanilla buttercream and chocolate chips, chocolate buttercream, chocolate fudge filling, chocolate truffle, salted caramel.


Vanilla- a traditional vanilla sponge paired perfectly with vanilla buttercream and seedless raspberry jam, other fillings available.


Lemon - light lemon sponge filled with zingy lemon curd and buttercream.


Orange and passion fruit - a delicious light orange sponge cake filled with Italian meringue buttercream and orange and passion fruit curd.


Raspberry Eton mess- a delicious raspberry cake filled with fresh raspberry buttercream and oodles of crushed meringue.


Lime and coconut- infused with fresh lime and desiccated coconut and filled with vanilla buttercream, a light summery cake.


Carrot cake- a deliciously moist lightly spiced carrot and orange cake perfectly paired with orange buttercream.


Coffee cake- a rich coffee sponge filled with either coffee buttercream or coffee truffle, also delicious with a layer of caramel too.


Almond and black cherry- a light almond flavoured sponge filled with layers of black cherry preserve and vanilla buttercream (quite like a bake-well).


Red velvet- a luxurious rich red cake that’s extra moist and light, filled with vanilla buttercream. 


Cookies and cream- vanilla sponge combined with Oreo cookies and bourbons filled with layers of Oreo infused buttercream. 


Sticky toffee-  delicious brown sugar sponge filled with layers of caramel and vanilla buttercream. 


Banana choc chip- my secret family recipe banana cake loaded with chocolate chips and filled with milk chocolate truffle.


Chocolate orange- my signature chocolate cake with a Valencia orange flavour, filled with chocolate orange buttercream.


Sticky ginger- a delicious dark sticky ginger sponge with a hint of cinnamon. 



Pumpkin spice cake- light a fluffy yet moist cake spiced with cinnamon, ginger and other spices, works perfectly well with vanilla buttercream. 



Pistachio- a nutty yet light moist sponge made with real pistachios and a hint of almond. This works well with Swiss meringue buttercream. 


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