Do you deliver?

I currently only deliver my wedding cakes as it's just me here mostly and there aren't enough hours in the day to deliver as well as making the cakes.


Can I have each tier a different flavour?

Yes you definitely can, it's good to offer your guests different flavour choices.


How much are your cakes?

Prices vary on each cake depending on size, design, the time involved in making it and what it costs us to make your cake. We have a basic price list we send on request to give you an idea of costs.


What is your availability?

This varies on a weekly basis, each week we can fit in a set amount of cakes that we can physically make, if we can we will always try to fit you in where possible but booking as early as possible is always the best idea if you have a special occasion.


Where are you based?

We are  in Attleborough, Norfolk, halfway between Thetford and Norwich on the A11.

How long will my cake stay fresh?

Your cake will stay fresh at least 5 days after collection but if you wish it to be at its best longer than this we recommend freezing your leftover cake, wrap tightly in cling film and then a layer of tin foil and keep it covered on defrosting to allow the moisture to settle on the foil and not the fondant. Your cake will be as good as the day you froze it. 

Do you have a shop?

Unfortunately not, but we do have a purpose built cakeroom attached to our home that is used purely for the cakes which works really well for us at the moment. 

Do you do classes?

Not at the moment but it's something we are hoping to do in the future, we are always happy to answer questions and give advice to people who want to learn elements of cake decorating.



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